Argh: A story of Argh. Also: Computers


This is just a quick note to warn everyone that I am currently separated from my one true love (ie: my computer) for reasons that are beyond my control. ARGH! ARGH, I say!

So blog posting is off-line until further notice (as is email communication and… all of those lovely computer related things)

Least you ask: I am not writing this on my computer. Sadly.

ARGH, I continue to say.

Hopefully the situation will be rectified forthwith.

(anyone have advice for solving keyboard problems for macs caused by a close encounter with olive oil? Cleaning has not helped. Computer otherwise fine…)


One Comment on “Argh: A story of Argh. Also: Computers”

  1. […] of you know, me and my computer have been forcibly separated by circumstances beyond my control (*cough* Olive oil *cough*) and until some kind of brilliant solution is worked out, I need to mooch off of other […]

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