Objections + Praise

Should you read this blog? Here are some OPINIONS!


“Lady u need to get a life! (…) I’m sorry that this movie was not the lesbian porno that you wish it had been. But when the brothers grim awaken in the zombie (sic) appocalypse maybe you can have them rewrite all their stories to include (sic) atleast  one girl on girl fur burger throw down in all their stories.”

(Matt Johnson, Person on the Internet)


“Feminism: Just a bunch of (sic) misandronists jumping up on their soap boxes to rant about what they perceive to be the latest injustice, even when said injustice is trite to the point of parody, or when the points made are easily reversed (…) So for the love of the gods, get off your soap boxes and relax. Maybe have a bit of fun for a change.”

(AJ, Person on the Internet)

Zie’s right, you know. I actually HAVE A SOAPBOX.

By the way, a misandronist, by popular decision, is an androgynous misandrist. The WORST KIND of misandrist.


“Your blog is really awesome.”

(My brother, who has no choice in the matter)


“I’ve been trying to restrain myself from reblogging C.D.’s posts because otherwise I’d just reblog 95% of what she writes, which seems a little silly. So instead I will tell you to GO READ HER BLOG ALREADY.”

(Myriad, from Star Ten Thousand – awesome writer, blogger, human being)


“I tried to read your blog, but I didn’t understand any of the pop culture references.”

(My mother, who didn’t know what Hooters was until last summer)




(The Demon-Spawned Cat)

7 Comments on “Objections + Praise”

  1. […] AboutObjections/ Praise for This Blog […]

    • Ed Ooo says:

      Girl your loins? It’s gird and that’s why the comic book companies have so few female writers….

      • C.D. says:

        It is true that men are universally known for never making typos.
        Although, young sir, I may point out that your compound sentence is missing a comma. “It’s gird and that’s why” should be “It’s gird, and that’s why”

  2. Philip Rose says:

    [Editor’s note: I’ve deleted most of this comment, because it’s misogynistic and shitty and ableist and terrible. I’ve left *some* of it up so I could reply to it. Trigger warning for misogyny, slut-shaming, making light of bullying and suicide

    I note that you referred to Amanda Todd in a recent post. You wrote: ‘That Amanda Todd had to grow up in this world, where people treat women so despicably. That so many people would say such vile things to, and about, a child. That Todd was just one of many girls who experience this level of cruelty and bullying.’
    OK – I have to tell you that the Amanda Todd story is almost entirely false. I will try to be brief.
    Amanda was mentally ill/had a personality disorder/a spoilt brat. Choose your definition.
    She was addicted to the Internet, particularly to exhibiting herself.

    • C.D. says:

      [TW: for suicide, mental illness stigma, suicide ideation, ableism]

      Hi! You’re a misogynistic douchebag who slutshames and makes light of suicide and bullying. And you’re an ableist bully. And I think you’re an asshole, and if you ever comment on here again, I will delete your comment and/or edit it. Just so you know!

      Also, I’M mentally ill, you ableist piece of shit. I write about stigma associated with mental illness on this blog ALL THE TIME. Being mentally ill doesn’t make a person horrible. Having a personality disorder doesn’t make a person horrible. Excusing Amanda Todd’s death because she had a “mental illness” or a “personality disorder” makes you a GIANT FUCKING ABLEIST ASSHOLE. Oh, I guess she had a mental illness! Well, I guess that makes it all okay. Better go off myself before I go ruin some poor guy’s life!

      I basically stopped paying attention after you wrote “spoilt brat” and “addicted to the internet.” The fact that you use those phrases is *DING* *DING* *DING* a sign that you’re a misogynist.
      The fact that you think that Amanda Todd deserved what she got because she was a spoilt brat or addicted to the internet or mentally ill makes you a HORRIBLE FUCKING PERSON.

      EVEN IF Amanda Todd was a spoilt brat/wanted to exhibit herself, that does not in ANY WAY mitigate the horror of her circumstances, or excuse the horrific behavior of the people who harassed her.


      • Philip Rose says:

        [content note: misogyny]

        That wasn’t a very intelligent reply, now was it? And it doesn’t particularly make you look anything other than a hysterical and uneducated person. I’m guessing you’re about 12 years old. The WHOLE of the Amanda Todd story is a pack of lies, and in fact she used to victimise girls at her school for being not as pretty as her – surely you’ve met that kind of girl. But you want to turn her into some sort of mythical martyr, when that is far from the truth. And just in case you’re wondering – nearly all the harassment came from other girls. So – in your terms – just shut the fuck up and stop being a cunt.

      • C.D. says:

        I wasn’t wondering! And I don’t care! I’m not sure why you’re commenting when I’ve explicitly told you to *never do it again*. You don’t seem to be very good at respecting boundaries. I’m not sure if you know this, but if you continue to yell at someone after they’ve explicitly asked you not to?

        That’s called harassment.

        Which I know you take *very seriously* Because you’re so angry at Amanda Todd and all these other girls for harassing each other. So you must hate harassment.

        I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing exactly the same thing!

        As for your advice:
        “Just shut the fuck up and stop being a cunt”


        I think I’ll keep talking, and keep being a cunt.

        This is the last time I’m writing this: Don’t ever comment here again. Ever. For any reason. Don’t ever contact me.

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