I. The Short Version:

Feminism! Pop-Culture! Feminist Analysis of Pop-Culture! Science Fiction and Fantasy! Social Justice! Geekery! Issues of Intersectionality! Terrible Jokes! GIFS! The Feminist Batwoman!

II. The Long Version:

I’m a roving literature student living somewhere in North America. In a mysterious location! A SUPER-mysterious location (okay, I live in Montreal during the school year, and Madison (WI) during the summer. No need to twist my arm).

Studying literature teaches you lots of things. Particularly how to deconstruct cultural texts and write super-long analyses (which I prefer to call “rants”). Eventually, a curious young feminist (me) might decide to start applying those analyses to the world around her. And then she’ll be all like “WHOA, LOOK AT ALL THE COOL/GROSS/OPPRESSIVE STUFF GOING ON IN THAT BOOK/MOVIE/THING.”

Unfortunately, I cannot turn in my long rant – I mean, ANALYSIS – of how The Dark Knight Rises upholds the male default to any of my current Professors. They cannot yet appreciate my genius.

So, er… I started a blog.

Now I can inflict my long analyses – RANTS – onto the internet.

My ranting interests center around:

a) Anti-oppression (especially feminism)

b) Nerd stuff (Science Fiction/Fantasy/General Geekery)

So most of this blog involves Feminist analyses of Pop Culture. Not your thing? That’s fine! That’s my thing. I realize it’s weird, but, you know, some people juggle geese.

Also, I make terrible jokes and put in lots and lots of GIFS. Just because.

III. The Feminist Batwoman:

Feminist Batwoman

Okay, so, weird rumors have been circulating around the internet about my connection with the vigilante known as The Feminist Batwoman. I think it is only fair for me to address them.

Spurious internet rumors have it that Culturally Disoriented (CD) is an elaborate cover for The Feminist Batwoman.

Which is obviously false.


I denounce all of these spurious internet rumors! I deny any connection to the law-breaker known as The Feminist Batwoman! There is absolutely no evidence to link me to this woman. Sure, we both have a bizarre obsession with red lipstick, feminism, roundhouse kicks and bats. But lots of people share those interests. Sure, I keep accidentally calling myself “The Feminist Batwoman.” But cut me some slack: I don’t sleep a lot at night, so I sometimes I say random, completely untrue stuff.

… oh, whoops.

Let me clarify!  I don’t sleep a lot at night because of homework. It’s not because I’m running around the rooftops of the city, saving people from the gender binary and fighting for intersectional feminism. Homework.

Anyways. That’s not the point. The point is: I’m not the Feminist Batwoman. Think about it! The Feminist Batwoman and I have never been in the same place at the same time. How can we possibly be the same person?

Feminist Soapbox

Random picture of CD: See, NO RESEMBLANCE (ignore the mask).

However, I do, in fact, fully support the Feminist Batwoman’s goal – To Fight For Intersectional Feminism and Gender Equality Throughout the Shadows of the Interwebs.

And to wear an awesome mask.

3 Comments on “About”

  1. James Frazer says:

    *Sigh* You’re from McGill aren’t you….

  2. abvblogger says:

    I’m a McGill alumnus myself, and I absolutely love this lighthearted blog. Your post on your feminist experiment with your brother’s books rocks!

    Pity, when I took a lit course at McGill I only ran into the super intellectual types. Must have been my limited circle. Not that I’m implying you’re not, you’re just also lots of fun.

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